Preview for Ravens 7 on 7 HS football tournament presented by Under Armour

EVENT: Ravens 7 on 7 high school football tournament presented by Under Armour

WHEN: Saturday, May 30th, 9:30 AM

WHERE: St. Paul’s School (Baltimore, MD)


High school football is officially back in action this weekend at the Ravens 7 on 7 high school football tournament presented by Under Armour this is being held at St. Paul’s School in Baltimore, MD.

The Maryland Sports Access crew will be in attendance Saturday, May 30th providing social media updates and a complete tournament review that will be uploaded Sunday afternoon that will feature game and player reports, photo galleries and game highlights.

Many top teams from around the state of Maryland are set to square off including seven of the 12 top ranked football programs from the 2014 season:

1. Gilman, (Baltimore County)

2. McDonough, (Charles County)

3. Northwest, (Montgomery County)

7. Linganore, (Frederick County)

8. Mount St. Joseph, (Baltimore County)

9. Old Mill, (Anne Arundel County)

12. Fort Hill, (Allegany County)

Other schools from around the Carroll, Frederick and Howard County regions are Brunswick, Centennial, Century, North Carroll, River Hill, South Carroll, Thomas Johnson and Urbana.

First round schedule:

9:30 A.M.

Gilman vs. Brunswick
River Hill vs. John Carroll
Old Mill vs. Liberty
Oxon Hill vs. Thomas Johnson
Urbana vs. Centennial
Mount St. Joseph vs. North Carroll
Douglass-Balt. vs. South Carroll
Northwest vs. Long Reach

10:30 A.M.

McDonogh vs. Mount Hebron
Edmondson vs. Overlea
Howard vs. Patterson
Broadneck vs. Williamsport
St. Paul’s vs. Century
Fort Hill vs. Manchester Valley
Kent County vs. Perry Hall
Linganore vs. Silver Oak

As opposed to a traditional high school football game with four, twelve minute quarters, the Ravens 7 on 7 tournament presented by Under Armour is ran a little differently. Here are the complete rules and guidelines below:

Method of play

  • There will be a pregame coin flip to determine who starts on offense
  • The ball will always start on the offense’s 40-yard line to start a possession (This includes interceptions not returned for TD’s)
  • Β Offense will be given four downs to make a first down at the 20 yard line in order to receive four additional downs
  • Offense may have only five eligibles whether it’s a running back in the back field or a wide reciever, plus QB and Center (Center is optional)
  • Offense must have at least one back/receiver lined up within imaginary tackles upon snap of ball at least five yards deep. You cannot motion to an empty set
  • The football must be thrown within four seconds with a center-quarterback exchange and within three seconds without a center-quarterback exchange. Officials use electronic countdown timers on the field and will not count out loud. A sack occurs when the quarterback does not RELEASE the ball in time (if the timer goes off with the arm in motion, it’s a sack) – play the next down from the previous line of scrimmage
  • The ball is declared dead when the runner is tagged with one hand between the shoulders and the knees (including the hand and arm) or the ball touches the ground (this does not include the center-quarterback exchange)
  • Offenses may finish a drive started before time has expired only if they have a chance to win or tie
  • Ties will be played immediately by method of sudden death overtime. Each team is given three plays with the team gaining the most yards winning. Interceptions constitute a dead ball during sudden death
  • All touchdowns are one point (includes interceptions for scores). No PATs
  • Team with the most points at the expiration of time wins


  • Each game will be 40 minutes running time with a 30 second play clock
  • No timeouts (with the exception of an official calling time for clarification, injury, etc.)
  • Mouthpieces are mandatory on the field of play
  • No running plays (QB may not run the football)
  • Offensive players are responsible for retrieving the football after each play
  • No coaches or additional players are allowed on the field during play
  • No blocking or screen blocking whatsoever. Blocking constitutes a loss of down penalty
  • The offense may pass the ball only once from the QB during a play. Double passes constitute an illegal forward pass
  • Defense cannot line up closer than three yards from the line of scrimmage. Defense must give offense a free release off the line of scrimmage
  • NO CONTACT ON DEFENSE during route progressions – contact is defined as body to body, forearms, or with two hands. One hand does not constitute contact (except for holding). It is the responsibility of the defender to avoid contact

Each team will play at least four games with the top teams moving on to play in the championship tournament under the lights at M&T Bank Stadium Friday, June 19th.

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